Blood Moon Feast

Blanch & Shock (UK)
The Blind Leading the Blind
The Wolf In the Winter (ES/DE/NL/UK)

The festival opens with a feast by radical food designers Blanch & Shock in a canalside urban garden. It has been directly inspired by and sourced from the garden at Edible Eastside and the agricultural environs of Birmingham. In the run up to the feast they have made several preserving trips to the garden to take advantage of the produce in its prime, including tomatoes red and green, cucumbers, courgettes, coriander, dill, fennel and bergamot. For the feast they will serve a combination of fresh and preserved produce, focusing mostly on fruit and vegetables grown in the garden and nearby, accompanied by freshly made cheese and their homemade bread and butter. In addition to the produce, they will be using Edible Eastside’s wood-fired oven and much of the food will be prepared in this or grilled over wood.

In parallel, performance collective Wolf In The Winter will create an intervention inspired by Bruegel’s ‘Blind leading the Blind’, a painting of six ragged figures stumbling across a rural landscape.

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4 October, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Edible Eastside, 122 Fazeley Street, Birmingham. B5 5RS

£15/£12 (entry includes meal and complimentary drink)